A title insurance policy, provides security for the financial protection of real estate ownership. After a thorough examination of public records that disclose past and current information regarding ownership of property, authorized agents of Riverbend will issue a title insurance policy on behalf of the interested party (owner, mortgagee, lessee, etc.). Unlike hazard and automobile insurance, title insurance insures against the adverse claims arising from the past. The title policies specify in whom the legal estate is vested and indemnify the insured party against any loss they may sustain as a result of past title defects so the real estate investment is secure. 

Riverbend researches title records and issues for the following underwriters:

  • Chicago Title Insurance Company
  • Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company
  • First American Title Insurance Company
  • Old Republic National Title Insurance Company

We are directly licensed in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, and Pennsylvania and we regularly facilitate transactions nationally.


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